The Benefits of a Flush Mounted Scissor Lift – Atlas® FM9SL

7465 - The Benefits of a Flush Mounted Scissor Lift - Atlas® FM9SL

ATTD-FM9SL-2-300x225The Atlas® FM9SL 9,000 lb. flush mounted Scissor Lift is the perfect choice for those service facilities that need to maximize the number of Car Lifts per garage service area square foot. Each service bay equipped with a flush mounted Scissor Lift can be 75% narrower than those service bays that are designed for a 2-post Lift. Above ground 2 post Lifts and 4 Post Lifts require much more floor space.

Additional Space and a Cleaner Look

ATTD-FM9SL-6-300x225The flush mounted Scissor Lift also allows the technician to open all of the doors completely without the fear of bumping the doors on the inside of the vertical columns of the two post lift. If you like the “clean floor look” for your service department (no above ground lift columns), then the Atlas® flush mounted Scissor Lift offers the perfect alternative. Unlike “old school in-ground” lifts, the flush mounted Atlas® Scissor Lift requires minimal excavation and the electric / hydraulic power unit can be easily accessed for periodic maintenance. The hydraulic lines and the electrical connections that run from the flush mounted lift to the remote control panel are also easy to access if they need to be replaced or repaired. Traditional Hydraulic In-Ground Lifts would normally require extensive excavation to repair or replace worn or defective parts. Most service departments cannot afford to have extended down time in their service area while a traditional in-ground lift is being repaired and the garage floor is torn out. The flush mounted platforms of the Atlas® FM9SL have no “above ground” obstruction. The lifting platforms are absolutely “FLUSH” with the surface of the garage floor and can be “driven over” from any direction. A vehicle may be driven into the proper position in the narrowest and tightest of bay spaces because there are no columns to drive through as there are on a two post car lift. The flush mounted auto lift also allows the operator to raise all vehicles that have an extremely low ground clearance. Two post car lifts may not always have the lowest arm height or pad height.

Who Should Own This Car Lift?

Greg Smith Equipment Sales believes that this 9,000 lbs. capacity flush mounted full rise car lift will be popular for those customers who are replacing their traditional in-ground lifts and do not have the space to install a two post above ground cart lift in the narrow service bay. The Atlas®FM9SL will also be a great lift for those service centers and automotive car dealerships to consider when adding on to their service department or building a new facility. Flush Mounted Automotive Scissor Lifts are much easier than the two post lift for the operator to position the vehicle. The operator simply drives the vehicle over the flush platforms, making sure that the vehicle is “gravity centered” over the platforms. The Atlas® FM9SL has both front and rear slide out platform frame extensions to accommodate longer wheel base vehicles. Greg Smith Equipment designed the lift platforms and pull out extensions knowing that customers would need both the 9,000 lb. lifting capacity and also the added platform length extenders to effectively raise the longer wheel base pickup trucks. The Atlas® FM9SL 9000 lbs. capacity full rise automotive car lift is the perfect choice for those service centers that need the capacity for lifting pickup trucks and SUVs along with all models of passenger cars. When using the flush mounted full rise scissor lift, we strongly recommend that our customers purchase the set of Atlas® Scissor Lift Support Bars to equally distribute the weight of these heavier vehicles across the width of the lift platforms. Most heavy pickup trucks and SUVs have narrow frames that concentrate the vehicle’s weight on the inside of the platforms. This narrow heavy weight distribution needs to be “spread” across the platforms. The Atlas® full rise scissor lift can be installed in shop areas with lower height ceilings and the customer is still able to lift most vehicles to over 6 feet in the air when using the standard positioning blocks. The platforms are lifting the frame or uni-body of the vehicle and are not lifting the tires as on a four post lift. The actual vehicle height is really the distance between the bottom of the vehicle’s frame and the top of the roof.

Unique Features of the Scissor Car Lift

ATTD-FM9SL-5-300x225The open center between the raised platforms allows the technician to have access to the “middle” of the underside of the raised vehicle just as you would find if the car were lifted on a two post above ground car lift. The distance between the platforms is wide enough to allow the operator enough room to roll a transmission jack under the vehicle. The Atlas® FM9SL has an adequate lifting height so that taller technicians do not need to “stoop over” when working on raised vehicles. The height of the raised vehicle can be increased by using support blocks under the vehicle’s lifting points. These support blocks are easily placed on the top of the platform under the correct lifting points. The height of the positioning blocks increases the overall lifting height capacity of the car lift by the height of the block. The separate scissor lift control panel can be strategically positioned in the service bay to allow easy access for the operator. The 220 volt (single phase) electric/hydraulic power unit is housed inside the metal control panel box. The push button controls activate the raising and lowering of the lift and the locking mechanism. The sophisticated 15 position mechanical air actuated lock system is automatically engaged and disengaged as the lift is being raised or lowered.

  • 9,000 LB. capacity
  • 71 1/2? (5? 11 1/2?) max lifting height
  • Extendable platforms on BOTH ends
  • No above ground obstruction
  • CE Certified
  • Air actuated locks
  • Open middle for easy access
  • Separate Self-Contained Control Panel
  • Shipping Weight: 2,025 lb.

Safety Features

The Atlas® FM9SL scissor lift has an automatic safety feature engineered into the lowering limit switch. Once the lowered lift platforms are within about 12 inches of the ground, the Atlas® FM9SL auto lift automatically stops its descent. The operator needs to release the DOWN button and then depress again to allow the lift to lower completely to the garage floor. This automatic stopping feature allows the operator to check the surrounding area to make sure that there are no objects close to or under the slightly raised vehicle.

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