What makes our Atlas Edge 801 Alignment Machine the best truck aligner value in the Industry?

7452 - What makes our Atlas Edge 801 Alignment Machine the best truck aligner value in the Industry?

801-Alignment-Machine-Side-By-Side-5001-300x158The Atlas® Edge 801 Alignment Machine is the most innovative large (over the road semi) Truck Alignment System sold throughout the   world.

The Atlas® 801 features a Bluetooth wireless data transmission system and the software is customized for all truck axle configurations – 2, 3, 4 and 5 axle configurations.

Why push a truck in your shop when you don’t have to?

ATEDGE-801-KIT-8-300x225They have to push and roll the truck just to make a measurement…..we do not. We measure the truck in a static position…perfectly still….on the turnplates…..the way it is supposed to be done. They have to roll the truck because they must do a runout compensation procedure due to their wheel clamps being less than accurate. During this rolling their sensor head measures the lateral runout created by their Wheel Clamps and then compensates for that runout so that their toe measurement is correct.

Our Solution: Produce a wheel clamp that is highly precise…..one that measures the center of the wheel and not the outer rim….no artificial runout is induced and therefore none has to be compensated for….THE RESULT? A faster and more precise alignment measurement WITHOUT ROLLING THE TRUCK!

Here are the Facts About the Atlas Edge 801 Alignment Machine:

ATEDGE-801-KIT-3-300x225We use four state of the art Bluetooth sensor heads. This is all you need and once again…..the simpler the better.

Our System

  1. Our system is as fast or faster- 3 to 4 minutes for set-up time and measuring time…..nothing is faster.
  2. No system is more accurate than ours….Navistar ® engineering after testing our system stated that it measured toe more accurately than any system they had ever tested.
  3. Four heads is better than six….the measuring speed is just as fast….the accuracy is just as precise…..we are just as versatile.
  4. Our Zero runout fast clamps reference the center of the wheel….not the outer rim….and are so accurate that runout compensation is a thing of the past.
  5. Our system is just as versatile….multiple axle vehicles, up to 12 trailer axles, trucks, busses, RVs, coaches, light trucks, trailers and more….6 heads does not mean more versatility.
  6. Our Bluetooth wireless data transfer provides flawless cordless communication between the heads and the computer.
  7. Our system is simpler to operate….only 4 buttons to operate the entire software.
  8. Our system can be viewed and operated from most smart phones.
  9. We have newly upgraded sensor heads and alignment program.
  10. We offer free lifetime technical hotline and internet support for your aligner.

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