Protect Your Wheel Balancer and Alignment Machine

With Battery Backup and Surge Protection

Just like with your computer, it is important that you protect your Atlas Computer Wheel Balancer and your Atlas Computer Alignment Machine from unexpected power failures and power surges.

The proper functioning of your a computer wheel balancer or alignment machine depends upon software stored on a computer chip housed on the computer’s motherboard.  Just like with your home computer, an unexpected power outage can damage the software – or other components – of the computer system that operates your wheel balancer or aligner.  Similarly, a power surge – a sudden spike in voltage – can “fry” the sensitive electrical components in your equipment, rendering it unusable.  For this reason, a battery backup product, with a surge protector, should always be used with you Atlas computer wheel balancer and your Atlas alignment machine.

The battery backup provides temporary power to your balancer or aligner in the event of a power failure.  This can allow you to complete the current procedure and to then properly shut down the equipment until power can be restored.

The surge protector helps to limit the amount of power that is allowed to reach your computer wheel balancer or alignment machine at any one time.  This will protect the sensitive components from sudden electrical spikes.

Good quality battery back-up units (with surge protection) can be purchased for as low as $50.00. This is a very cheap insurance policy.

In addition, power tools, shop fans and other 110 volt powered equipment operating on the same circuit as your Atlas computer wheel balancer or Atlas alignment machine can affect the performance of either machine.  We recommend that you provide a dedicated 110 volt circuit to your alignment machine or your wheel balancer.

Please read more about surge protection in the link below:

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