Atlas® Cyclops 3D Alignment System Solves Many Problems with 3D Tower Camera Alignment Systems

Alignment Machine with IC3D Tower Free Technology  Cyclops

When the team behind the Atlas® Cyclops took the time to find out exactly what customers did not like with their current 3D tower camera alignment systems. The following are just a few of the responses received and how the Cyclops resolves them:

  • Camera tower system takes up too much bay space. This issue is resolved with the Cyclops alignment machine, because no tower is required, thanks to the TowerFree™ technology. The size of the bay space required is determined by the length of the lift or the length of the vehicle on the lift. There is no more loss of valuable bay space at the front of your alignment lift.
  • Automotive lifts must be raised to a specific height for cameras to obtain readings or the tower must be adjusted so the camera height can be matched with the lift height. The Atlas® Cyclops camera system base is mounted onto the outside runways of the lifts and are always at the correct height to read the sensors since the cameras are raised and lowered with the lift.
  • Tower is not portable, so only that bay can be used for alignments. The Atlas® 3-D camera alignment system is fully portable. It is moved and easily installed on any alignment runway lift in your shop, including four post, scissor and parallelogram, and takes about a minute to move the camera system from one lift to another. The computer console rolls from one bay to another and is able to be positioned for easy operator viewing.

Check out the Atlas® Cyclops for yourself.

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