• Simultaneous operation of all columns
  • LCD screen shows exact lifting height of each column
  • Electronic system ensuring synchronization of all columns
  • Double-safety guaranteed by both hydraulic flow control and mechanical locks
  • Portable columns make your work easy and comfortable
  • Can be Expanded from a four (74,000 lb. capacity) column system to a six (111,000 lb. capacity) or eight (148,000 lb. capacity) column system
  • Adjustable forks can accommodate tire diameters from 19 inches to 44 inches
  • Emergency stop button on every column
  • Four 32' column connecting cables included
  • 2.2 Kw 24V DC motor with two batteries per column
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Lifting capacity per column: 18,500
  • Weight per column: 1,700 lbs
  • Shipping Weight (for four columns): 6800 lbs
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