What Makes Atlas Wheel Balancers Better?

3979 - What Makes Atlas Wheel Balancers Better?

What makes the Atlas computer spin wheel balancer so superior to the other off the car computer spin balancers made in China?

Our Asian factory is the premier tire changer and wheel balancer manufacturer in China.

Our factory is based on the theory that vertical integration manufacturing is superior to the horizontal manufacturing process.   While other Chinese manufacturers buy the majority of their component parts from dozens of small Chinese factories and assemble these component parts to produce their tire changers and wheel balancers, Atlas’s factory does not buy from other unknown small manufacturers. Our Atlas factory either owns or controls the manufacturers who make the Atlas wheel service component parts.

We do not make the motors that are used in our tire changers and wheel balancers. However, our motor supplier is the most prestigious motor manufacturer in China.

The Atlas wheel service products are much less expensive than those products that carry other name-brand labels. Although the Atlas brand of product is much lower in price than other big name brands, the Atlas computer wheel balancer may still be slightly higher in price than some of the no-name Chinese products offered by many of the Internet web sites.

Here are a few of the reasons that our Atlas brand of computer off the car wheel balancers cost a few dollars more than some of the no-name wheel balancer brands:

  • Our Atlas 110 volt electric motors are manufactured specifically for our wheel balancers and are built to our specifications. Other Chinese manufacturers use much cheaper motors that are very loud and have proved to be unreliable.
  • Our Atlas wheel balancer manufacturer is responsible for all the R/D that goes into to designing and manufacturing of the wheel balancers and is also responsible for writing the software that allows the Atlas balancer to accurately determine the out of balance condition. Many other Chinese manufacturers just copy outdated software that does not provide accurate balancing information. The large “in-balance” parameters (from the outdated software) are not accurate enough for the wheels found on today’s vehicles.
  • The dependability and accuracy of most other Chinese built wheel balancers’ spin shaft system is unreliable, especially on heavy wheel assemblies. Most no-name wheel balancer manufacturers use increased motor horsepower to exert more torque to an inferior shaft assembly. More motor horsepower and “brute” force are not the correct method for balancing a tire and wheel assembly. The Atlas wheel balancing system uses a patented “low speed” drive system that allows a very small 110 volt motor to effectively “spin” and accurately balance a 130 lb. Gumbo Mudder tire.
  • Many other Chinese wheel balancer Internet distributors advertise that their “balancer capacity” is 150 lbs. (or more). Please remember that there is a difference between “supporting” a 150 lb. wheel assembly and actually “balancing” a 150 lb. wheel assembly.  Most shaft systems can support the 150 lbs wheel assembly, but not very many Chinese-made wheel balancers can accurately spin, detect the true out of balance condition, and effectively “stop” a 150 lb wheel assembly.
  • The correct method to balancing a tire is to accelerate the wheel assembly…and then allow the wheel assembly to “free spin” on a perfectly balanced shaft. (no motor interference). The motor imparts a certain force on the shaft (influencing the out of balance condition) and should not be in use when the computer is “reading” the out of balance condition of the spinning wheel assembly.  The Atlas computer wheel balancers offer this exclusive feature at an extremely competitive price.
  • Most other Chinese computer wheel balancers offer an antiquated braking method (heat producing resistors) that are used to slow the motor and stop the wheel assembly after the computer has determined the out of balance condition. The Atlas wheel balancer does not incorporate the “low tech” method of heat resistors to brake the motor. Atlas wheel balancers use a sophisticated “reverse motor technology” that incorporates a transformer to slow and stop the wheel. Transformers are not subject to the intense heat buildup that is found in low cost resistors.
  • The Atlas wheel balancer also comes standard with a pull down hood that protects the operator from imbedded stones in the tire.
  • The Atlas computer wheel balancer has a foot operated braking system that “holds and locks” the wheel in the correct position as the operator is attaching the wheel weights.
  • Look inside the Atlas wheel balancer and see the attention to detail for the placement of all the electronic computer boards. The computer boards and connections are very “high tech”.

  • Even the 50 lb solid metal ballast weight is powder coated and has a handle for easy removal. Many other Chinese wheel balancers use only water jugs or bags of crushed rocks or sand as ballast.

  • The Atlas computer wheel balancer has an extra long 40 mm shaft that allows “Budd style wheels” to be mounted properly without touching the balancer. The Atlas quick nut locking system is far superior to many of the cheap imitations offered by our competitors.

  • Our Atlas wheel service equipment prices are far below the prices of the big name manufacturers, and offer the same quality component parts as those big name manufacturers. Most customers are saving hundreds or thousands of dollars by choosing our Atlas equipment over our competitors and are not sacrificing quality. Other Chinese built computer wheel balancers offer low prices but do not offer the same quality and features as the Atlas brand computer wheel balancers.
  • Only Atlas can deliver the years of dependability (at a substantial cost savings) because of the superior component parts used to build our computer wheel balancers. Call us to hear the entire story of why the Atlas brand of Automotive Aftermarket service equipment is absolutely the best value in the Industry.

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