What Makes Atlas Tire Changers Better?

3985 - What Makes Atlas Tire Changers Better?

What makes the Atlas wheel clamp tire changers so superior to the other wheel clamp tire changers made in China?

Our Asian factory is the premier tire changer and wheel balancer manufacturer in China.

Our Atlas manufacturing factory is based on the theory that vertical integration manufacturing is superior to the horizontal manufacturing process. While Other Chinese manufacturers buy the majority of their component parts from dozens of small Chinese factories and assemble these component parts to produce their tire changers and wheel balancers, our Atlas factory does not buy from other unknown small manufacturers. Our Atlas factory either owns or controls the manufacturers who make the Atlas wheel service component parts.

Although the Atlas brand of product is much lower in price than the big name brands, the Atlas tire changers may still be slightly higher in price than some of the no-name Chinese products offered by many of the Internet web sites.

Here are a few of the reasons that our Atlas brand of rim clamp tire changers costs a few dollars more than some of the no-name brands:

  • We are proud to say that our Atlas tire changers are built using only the highest quality component parts.
  • Our Atlas 110 volt electric motors are manufactured specifically for our tire changers and built to our specifications. Other Chinese manufacturers use much cheaper motors that are very loud and have proved to be unreliable.
  • Atlas tire changer’s transmissions are made in our factory. Other Chinese tire changer manufacturers buy their transmissions from various small manufacturers. The quality of these transmissions is based upon the quality of the component parts used by these small Chinese factories.
  • Many of the gears and component parts are made from cast iron rather than extruded or forged alloys. Most other Chinese manufacturers use small diameter cylinders that are unreliable and do not exert the correct amount of clamping pressure needed for many of the rims with stiff sidewall tires.
  • Cheap mount/demount heads are made from steel, while the Atlas mounting head is made from a very strong alloy that resists breakage. Valves, hoses, couplers, and bead breaker assemblies used in many of the no-name tire changers are also supplied by the lowest bidder. In other words, the quality of most other Chinese-made wheel service equipment is dependent upon the component parts used in the assembling process.
  • Our Atlas wheel service equipment prices are far below prices of the BIG NAME manufacturers, and offer the same quality component parts as the big name manufacturers. Most customers are saving hundreds or thousands of dollars by choosing our Atlas equipment over our competitors and are not sacrificing quality. Other Chinese built tires changers offer low prices but cannot offer the same quality as the Atlas brand tire changers.
  • There are several “look alike” Chinese tire changers on the Internet. Just because other tire changers look the same as an Atlas tire changer does not mean that the component parts’ quality is the same. We understand that you want to save as much money as possible when purchasing your wheel service equipment, but do some research into the component parts of other tire changers and you will understand why the Atlas brand of tire changers offers the best value.
  • Only Atlas can deliver the years of dependability (at a substantial cost savings) because of the superior component parts used to build our tire changers. Call us to hear the entire story of why the Atlas brand of Automotive Aftermarket service equipment is absolutely the best value in the Industry.

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