Setting up and Installing 4 Post Auto Lifts

Setting up and installing 4 post above ground auto lifts depends upon where you want to place the lift within your building. You should also consider the ceiling height and use bays with higher ceiling clearances for optimal performance.

Further, you will need the correct gauge electric wiring for operating the lift’s motor. The gauge is dependent on the motor’s horsepower and the distance of the lift’s power unit from the power source. If you have 4 post commercial grade auto lifts with 220 Volt single phase motors, it requires 30 amp service with a minimum of 10 gauge wire. If you have 4 post hobbyist lifts, you need a 110 Volt grounded power supply with 15 amps service. It is recommended to use at least a 10 gauge extension cord if required to run power to the lift.

Should the Wiring for Auto Lifts Be on the Ground or Ran From the Ceiling?

Whether the electrical wiring for auto lifts is ran from above or on the ground is really up to you. If you want to keep you bays looking professional, it is suggested you run wiring from above at the ceiling. Ground wiring requires you to find the exact position of the power unit column and accurately stub the wiring into concrete next to the power unit column. The odds of getting this prefect the first time are 50/50. If it is done incorrectly, you have to start over.

By running your wiring at the ceiling level and dropping the wiring directly to the power unit, you are able to correctly position the lift. After the wiring is dropped, simply enclose it in an attractive wire cover for a professional appearance. If you ever need to relocate the lift within your shop, it is easier to do so with lifts where you stubbed the wire in the ceiling.



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