Install the Right Auto Lifts to Service a Wide Range of Vehicles

In order to service a wide range of vehicles, you have to make sure you have the right types of auto lifts installed at your service shop. Lifts have a maximum drive-through width allowance. You need to verify that the maximum width of the vehicles you service will fit through the space. You may have to acquire several different lifts with optional configurations to work on wider vehicles, like full-size pickups and delivery trucks.

Some auto lifts include options where you are able to modify the types of vehicles you can use on them. For example, the Atlas BP8000 Baseplate 2 Post Lift has a maximum lifting height of 70 ½ inches without truck adapters. By adding the adapters, the maximum height is increased to 81 1/8 inches. Additionally, you have several options for the lift pads that give you the flexibility to change from the standard one to increase the minimum pad height. Utilizing the adapters allows you to not only work on cars, but also a wide range of SUVs and pickup trucks.

Another consideration is the maximum amount of ceiling clearance you have available in your shop. Lower ceiling clearances could limit the types of auto lifts you can install safely in your location. Luckily, the Atlas BP8000 Baseplate 2 Post Lift was designed for low ceiling garages. The total column height is only 108 inches (9 feet) which allows the lift to be installed in just about any commercial or home garage with ceilings as low as 9 feet 3 inches.

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