Find the Best Alignment Machine for Your Shop

There are several different types of =alignment machinemodels to choose from, depending on how you want to set up your service bays in your repair shop. You need to carefully evaluate the options and features on each model, as well as how it needs to be installed, in order to select the best machine for your needs.

One of the key questions you need to answer is what types of vehicles you intend to align with your new alignment machines. Are you only going to work on cars and small trucks, or do you want to also provide services for full size trucks, delivery vans, RVs and other larger vehicles? Make sure the machine you select is able to align the vehicles you service.

For example, the Atlas® Edge 801 model is a heavy duty truck aligner with 3-point fast clamps and turn tables. It has Bluetooth® technology so the system can be operated from any sensor head without the need for a remote control. While the Atlas® Edge 801 model is ideal for shops which service semi-trucks, you also require a different machine for aligning most of the standard vehicles on the market today, such as the Atlas® Edge 601. This aligner has Bluetooth® technology and fast clamp wheel clamps like the 801.

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