Expand Your Repair Services by Purchasing a Motorcycle Lift

You may want to consider adding motorcycle services at your auto repair shop, because the number of cyclists has grown substantially in recent years due to continued high fuel costs. Many new cyclists know how to operate their bikes, but when it comes to performing maintenance and service — that is another story. Some of the equipment you need to expand into this service area include a motorcycle lift and lift extension kits.

You do not have to worry about your new motorcycle lift taking up an entire bay all of the time. The lift is portable and can be moved out of the way whenever you require the bay for other types of service work. You may want to get a few cycle lifts, because you could easily place two into one full sized car bay and service more bikes at a time.

These lifts have weight ratings, just like full size car lifts. You have to make sure you select a lift which corresponds with the maximum load you intend to put on it. You should never attempt to load a bike that weighs more than the capacity of the lift. If you do, you run the risk of damaging your lift beyond repair, as well as possibly causing the bike to fall off the lift.

Some models are also well suited for working on ATVs and motor cross bikes. If you live in an area where these hobbies are popular, remember these are additional customers you could attract after you purchase your new motorcycle lift.

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