Everything You Need to Know About the Atlas® SLP-9K Full Rise Scissor Lift

7467 - Everything You Need to Know About the Atlas® SLP-9K Full Rise Scissor Lift

ATTD-SLP9K-2-300x225The Atlas® SLP-9K 9,000 lbs. capacity floor mounted full rise automotive scissor lift is for those customers who prefer a high capacity low profile car lift to the traditional 2 post car lift or four post car lift. The Atlas® SLP-9K offers several benefits over the traditional 2 post lift or 4 post lift. The Atlas® SLP-9K scissor lift can be floor mounted or flush mounted.

Benefits of Scissor Lifts


Many automotive service shops have limited floor space and shop owners realize that a floor mounted or flush mounted scissor lift takes up far less garage floor space than a two post lift or a four post lift. You can install a floor mounted scissor auto lift in flat stalls that are too narrow to install a four post car lift or a two post car lift.  The floor mounted scissor lift also gives the service department a much “cleaner” and less cluttered look. There are no vertical columns blocking the view throughout the shop. The Atlas® full rise scissor lift can be installed in shop areas with lower ceiling heights and the customer is still able to lift most vehicles to over 6 feet in the air.

More Lift Capacity

ATTD-SLP9K-5-300x225The 9000 lbs. capacity makes the SLP-9K the perfect choice for those service centers that need the capacity for lifting pickup trucks and SUVs. We strongly recommend that customers purchase the Atlas® Scissor Lift Support Bars to equally distribute the weight of these heavy vehicles across the width of the lift platforms. Most heavy pickup trucks and SUVs have narrow frames that concentrate the vehicle’s weight on the inside of the platforms. This narrow heavy weight distribution needs to be “spread” across the platforms. The distance between the inside of the platforms may be adjusted when installing this automotive lift. The adjustable distance between the lift platforms of the Atlas® SLP-9K scissor lift can accommodate a full frame, uni-body, or SUV (truck) lifting points. The open center between the platforms allows access to the “middle” of the underside of the raise vehicle as you would find in a 2 post above ground car lift. The distance between the runways is wide enough to allow the operator enough room to roll a transmission jack under the vehicle. The Atlas® SLP-9K full rise scissor lift (when surface mounted) combines an extremely low lift platform height and a still provides a 78 inch full rise to the top of the platforms. The Atlas® SLP-9K can also be flush mounted. The flush mounted scissor lift provides a “flat surface” for the concrete garage floor which can be driven over from any angle, making it much easier to position a vehicle over the lifting platforms than driving the vehicle in between the two columns of a two post lift..

Separate Car Lift Control Panel

ATTD-SLP9K-10-300x225The separate control panel may be conveniently positioned in the service bay to allow easy access for the operator. The 220 volt (single phase) electric/hydraulic power unit is housed inside the metal control panel box. The push button controls activate the raising and lowering of the lift. The sophisticated 10 position mechanical air actuated lock system is automatically engaged and disengaged as the lift is being raised or lowered. Each of the scissor hinge points has zerk grease fittings to allow for maximum lubrication to each scissor joint. The UHMP wear blocks ensure years of smooth raising and lowering operation of the lifting platforms

Car Lift Safety Features

The Atlas® SLP-9K lift has an automatic safety feature engineered into the lowering limit switch. Once the lowered lift platforms are within 10 ½ inches of the ground, the Atlas® SLP-9K auto lift automatically stops its descent. The operator needs to release the DOWN button and then depress again to allow the lift to lower completely to the garage floor. This automatic stopping feature allows the operator to check the surrounding area to make sure that there are no objects close to or under the slightly raised vehicle. The Atlas® SLP 9K has a set drive through approach locking ramps attached to both ends of each lifting platforms. These angled ramps can be locked into a horizontal position after the vehicle is positioned on the scissor lift. These locked ramps now provide extended horizontal platform support for longer wheel base vehicles. The best way to position any vehicle on a scissor lift (with horizontal cylinders) is to allow some space (2-6 inches) between the lifting surface of the lift and vehicle’s lifting points.

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