Deciding What Alignment Machines to Purchase

Deciding which alignment machines are best for your repair shop depends on several different factors like the amount of space you have available. You also have to consider whether you want to dedicate specific service bays for alignments or desire the flexibility to use those bays to provide your customers with other repair services. This will influence the types of auto lifts you need to have installed in your service center.

Another important factor is the amount of money you have budgeted for investing into alignment machines. Atlas® alignment equipment and machines come in a variety of models to fit all sizes of repair shops. For instance, the Atlas® Edge 101 provides accurate alignments, is easy to use, and is a state of the art wireless alignment system designed for smaller businesses or those that only perform a few alignments per week.

On the other hand, body shops or service garages which do work for body shops should consider the Atlas® 601 Body Shop Pro alignment system. This system is well suited for full body alignments after a vehicle has been involved in an accident, to determine whether the frame or unibody has been bent and is not repairable.

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