Convert a Car Lift into an Alignment Lift

When you are looking to expand your services, like vehicle alignments, there is an easy way to convert your existing car lift into an alignment lift. All you need is an Atlas® Cyclops alignment machine with IC3D TowerFree™ technology. This lift does not require you to invest any additional money to replace the existing lift. Instead, it is compatible with most standard car lifts.

The Cyclops is a tower-free alignment system, so it can easily be moved around from one service bay to another, and be connected to an existing car lift whenever you need to perform an alignment. You no longer have to worry about having a dedicated alignment bay in your shop. Simply roll the machine to the bay where you want to perform the alignment, and attach the cameras to the lift and the wheel clamps to the vehicle.

The color-coded keys on the wireless cameras are used to communicate with the alignment console. This eliminates the need of your service technicians having to walk back and forth from the vehicle to the computer. As a result, your technicians are more productive and efficient when completing vehicle alignments. The cameras also automatically evaluate the levelness of any platform rack and make any necessary out-of-level compensations.


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