Complete Large Truck Alignments Quickly with an Atlas® Alignment Machine

Semi-trucks and trailers need to have their tires aligned on a regular basis to help prevent accidental tire blow outs, ensure even wear of the tires, and obtain the best fuel efficiency. Performing alignments on these large trucks does not have to be time consuming, when you use an Atlas® Bluetooth® Truck and Trailer Alignment machine system. It only takes approximately 3 minutes or less to set up and obtain precise measurements of two axels, and less than 3 ½ minutes for three axels. Precision measurements for trailers can be obtained in less than 3 ½ minutes using the Kingpin Fixture. There is no jacking or rolling of the truck or trailer needed to correctly align the semi or the trailer.

The Atlas® Bluetooth® Truck and Trailer Alignment Machine is one of the most innovative products on the market today for large and over the road semi-trucks. The software is customized for all truck axel configurations, including, 2, 3, 4 or 5 axels. The system provides you with quick set up features, precision accuracy, and reliable Bluetooth wireless communication at an affordable cost.

For example, the Atlas® 801 Bluetooth® Truck and Trailer alignment system measures all axles simultaneously. Any time one corner of the vehicle is changed, measurements for the other corners are also updated. This system measures angles such as axle set back and offset, to help diagnose uncommon problems you might encounter. With this Atlas® alignment machine, you can increase your productivity of your large truck service center. Thanks to Bluetooth® technology, you are able to perform alignments either inside in your garage or outside in your parking lot.

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