Car Lifts Allow You to Complete More Car Repairs at Home

You may be mechanically inclined, so that you are able to save on your car repairs and maintenance by performing the services in your own home. You might change the oil, brake pads, rotate the tires, and other such tasks, to avoid paying labor at your local service center. But, there are often more repairs you could complete at home, only if you had the right equipment, like car lifts.

With car lifts, you can raise your vehicle safely off of the ground and gain easier access to the underside of the vehicle. This allows you to perform your own transmission service, replace worn-out exhaust systems, and more. Further, the vehicle is completely balanced and held securely in place, so you do not have to worry about it falling off a jack stand, ramp, or other type of support.

Choosing the right size lift for your home garage depends upon the amount of ceiling clearance available. Most standard garages have a 10 foot ceiling clearance. There are both four post and two post lifts that will work with this amount of clearance. However, there are differences in how high the vehicle is lifted. A two post lift is able to raise the vehicle higher than a four post lift.

For example, if your vehicle is 60 inches from the base of the tires to the top of the car, it will still be 60 inches when raised on a four post lift. However, with a two post lift, part of the height can be left hanging below the support arms, which causes the height of your vehicle to decrease. In addition, a two post lift raises most vehicles to about 6 feet off of the ground, without hitting your ceiling.

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