Body Shops Need Alignment Machines to Provide Complete Repairs

Repairing vehicles after accidents at your body shop requires having the right types of equipment. For instance, the impact from the accident often causes the wheels to become misaligned. In order to do a complete repair of the vehicle, you will need to perform an alignment in addition to body work, painting and other repairs. It is a good idea to have alignment machines available for this task, like an Atlas® Edge 601 Body Shop Pro (BSP) eight camera alignment system with FastClamp wheel clamps.

Depending on the extent of damages to the vehicle, you may want to perform the alignment first because it provides you with useful information about the frame of the vehicle. Atlas® BSP eight camera alignment machines create a rectangle, which produces a closed 360 degree measuring field around the vehicle, once the wheel clamps are installed. Using the information obtained from the closed field supplies additional rear measurements to allow the system to calculate not only the front wheel setback, but also the rear wheel setback angle. The rear wheel setback helps you identify any differences in vehicle wheelbase measurements, as well as the axle offset. This can be used to pinpoint whether the vehicle’s frame has been bent and is unrepairable.

This new revolutionary alignment system features the latest aligner technologies available from one of Europe’s premier manufacturers. The system combines fast speed and precision accuracy with reliable Bluetooth® communications. The console is able to be controlled directly from the sensors, to save you time, without your having to walk back and forth from the alignment machine to the vehicle.

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