Atlas 18,000 LB. Capacity ALI Certified Overhead Commercial Grade 2 Post Lift

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  • Comes standard with 3 stage front arms and two stage rear arms
  • Four 3 stage arms are available for long wheelbase vehicles
  • 4.9″ minimum pad clearance when lowered
  • 80″ rise without adapters
  • Perfect synchronization of carriages regardless of load distribution
  • Safety valve to prevent overloading
  • Self-controlled lowering speed
  • Shipping Weight: 3105 lbs
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty

How to Purchase


The ALI CERTIFIED Atlas 18,000 lb capacity heavy duty two post lift meets the highest European and American Lift Institute standards.

This electro-hydraulic lift features the finest design, engineering, and manufacturing that has made the Atlas brand a globaly recognized stamp of quality. Includes safety lowering valve, mechanical safety latch, synchronization cables, and high quality steel to ensure a safe and powerful lift system. Arms, adapters, and carriages are usually the first components to show excessive signs of wear on a low quality lift. Atlas takes important steps to ensure that our components stay working correctly and safely for years to come.

Atlas Atlas 18K Specifications
Capacity 18,000 LB.
Lifting Time Ask Your Salesperson
Overall Height 182″ (15′ 2″), 190″ (15′ 10″), 198″ (16′ 6″)
Overall Width 153″ (12′ 9″)
Maximum Lift Height 81″ (6′ 9″) (with pad in lowest position)
Minimum Arm Height 5″
Width Between Columns 123″ (10′ 3″)
Drive Thru 103″ (8′ 7″)
Motor HP 3.5
Concrete Requirement 6″ with 3000 psi.
Shipping Weight 3105 lbs


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