TTC305 Truck Tire Changer

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  • Handles rim bores from 8″ to 26″ and tire diameters in excess of over 55″
  • Interchangeable Mount/Demount and Roller Heads
  • Accommodates tires with a maximum width of up to 30.5 inches
  • Electric/Hydraulic Self-Centering Four Jaw Chuck
  • 5 different rim locking positions
  • Aluminum Rim Accessories Included
  • Automatic movement and positioning of bead tool, carriage, and chuck arm.
  • 220 Volt/ 1 Phase Motor

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The Atlas TTC 305 truck tire changer is designed and engineered to handle rim bore sizes from 8 inches to 26 inches and tire diameters in excess of 55 inches. The fully automatic Atlas TTC-305 truck tire changer can easily accommodate tires with a maximum width of 30.5 inches. This automatic truck tire changer is the result of a joint venture between a very prestigious Italian wheel service manufacturer and the most well respected wheel service equipment manufacturer in Asia.

The TTC-305 truck tire changer features a single speed hydraulic chuck with five (5) locking rim positions. The ergonomic toggle control panel and foot pedals control the automatic operation of the truck tire changer. The main panel allows the technician to control the automatic movement of the chuck arm, the automatic positioning of the bead tool (raise and lower) and the automatic movement of the carriage to align the bead tool with the tire. The foot pedals control the rotational direction of the chuck. The Atlas TTC-305 comes with a standard mount / demount head and a super fast roller head that can be swapped out in very little time. There is an emergency safety switch on the control panel that can stop all functions immediately.

This Atlas TTC 305 truck tire changer is designed for high volume truck tire shops that demand dependability and durability in their equipment. It is the perfect choice for the large truck tire center that does high volume truck tire work on over the road wheel assemblies. The automatic features of this truck tire changer allow the operator to drastically reduce the time it takes to mount and demount a truck tire.

Atlas TTC305 Specifications
Center Hole Diameter 8″ – 23″ [11″ – 26″ with Adapters]
Max. Wheel Weight 838 lb.
Max. Tire Diameter 55″
Max. Tire Width 30 1/2″
Clamping Power 6,600 lb.
Hydraulic Motor Power 2 HP 220V +/- 5% (209-231volts) 1 phase.
A 30 amp breaker is required.
Chuck Motor Power 2 HP 220V +/- 5% (209-231volts) 1 phase.
A 30 amp breaker is required.
Operating Pressure 0 – 1,885 PSI
Acoustic Pressure 70dBA
Bead Breaker Force 3,990 lb.
Single Piece Frame with Solid Floor Plate Yes
Tool Arm Positioning Automatic
Tool Head Positioning Automatic
Packaging Size 63″ L x 61″ W x 41″ H
Shipping Weight 1,490 lb.


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