Edge 801 With Bluetooth® Wireless Sensors And FastClamp Wheel Clamps

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  • Bluetooth® Wireless Data Transmission
  • 35¯-50¯ Non Runout 3 Point FastClamp Wheel Clamp.
  • Premium Cabinetry With Head Charging.
  • Lightweight (8 lb.) Sensor Heads.
  • Printer, 19¯ LCD Display, Keyboard.
  • Data Filing Stores Millions Of Printouts.
  • Premium Software Including Help Images, Trailer Program, Multi Axles, Busses and Coaches, and Light Trucks.
  • Shipping Weight: 400 lb.

How to Purchase


The Atlas® Edge 801 Alignment Machine is the most innovative large (over the road semi) truck alignment system sold throughout the world. The Atlas® Edge 801 features a Bluetooth wireless data transmission system and the software is customized for all truck axle configurations – 2, 3, 4 and 5 axle configurations. The Atlas® Edge 801 Truck FastClamp system allows the operator to perform alignments on a level floor without the need for a truck lift. Truck FastClamps require no lateral run-out compensation, so accurate measurements are obtained immediately.


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