Atlas® Automotive Equipment

Atlas® Automotive Equipment has grown to become one of the most well known and well respected names in the automotive Industry.  The team behind the Atlas® Automotive Equipment brand has spent years developing a line of products that combine the best value of quality and price.  If you would like to find an Atlas® distributor in your area, please visit our distributor page or feel free to contact us directly and we will assist with finding your nearest distributor.

Why Choose Atlas® Equipment?

Shopping for automotive equipment can at times seem overwhelming. The philosophy behind the Atlas® brand is simple – we provide THE BEST combination of price and quality. We encourage anyone to compare the quality of our products with any brand in the world. After you discover that Atlas products are as high quality as other more expensive brands (and in many cases, the Atlas® brand is even of superior quality), what will really impress you is when you compare the prices! The customer service backing the Atlas® brand is also unmatched in the Industry.



Atlas® Cyclops 3D Alignment System Solves Many Problems with 3D Tower Camera Alignment Systems

When the team behind the Atlas® Cyclops took the time to find out exactly what customers did not like with their current 3D tower camera